Jaws of Life Campaign

Jaws of Life Campaign

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We are half way to our goal - thanks to all who have already donated!

Please help us purchase the Jaws of Life
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The Guemes Island Fire Department needs these crucial, life-saving tools.  The Jaws of Life can literally mean the difference between life and death in a car accident.  They are tools for extrication, or getting people out of crushed cars.  Currently, the Guemes Island Fire Department has only a few simple hand tools to do this job.  These tools are sufficient for extrications from older vehicles, but are slow.  For many modern vehicles they are completely inadequate.

Many modern cars are made with ultra hard, light weight alloys to reinforce their critical structural members, such as the window posts.  Though this is good as far as making the cars more sturdy and durable, and even less likely to get smashed in an accident, it's bad for emergency responders on Guemes because our current tools can't cut through these alloys.  Even if someone gets into an accident in an older car that doesn't have these tricky alloys, it will take much longer than it should to get them out. It takes under 5 minutes to remove the roof and roll the dash of a car with the Jaws of Life, as opposed to 20 minutes or more with the current tools.

In the emergency services there is something called the “golden hour” for trauma patients.  If we can get a patient to a hospital equipped to give them the care they need within an hour of the traumatic event, they have a much higher chance of survival.  Once out of the car, the patient still needs to be stabilized before they can be transported to the hospital.  To get them to the hospital within their “golden hour” of survival, we need to get them out of the car quickly.

Because of this deficiency in our equipment, the fire department is sponsoring a fund raiser to purchase the Jaws of Life for the Guemes Island Fire Department.  Our goal is to raise $25,000.00 to buy these extremely important tools.  We believe that saving the life of just one victim more than makes up for the cost of these tools.

Please send donations to: 
Guemes Island Fire Department
6310 Guemes Island Road,
Anacortes, WA  98221
Indicate on your check on in a cover letter that the donation is for the Jaws of Life Campaign.

For More information, please talk to any Guemes Island Fire Fighter or call Lori Stamper, Campaign Coordinator - 360.293.4995