For fire departments, the Fourth of July can be a  mixed bag.  We are very proud to be part of the celebration of our country's independence each year.  It is an exciting holiday, made more so by the arrival of so many friends we see only on special occasions.  On the other hand, fireworks and their fallout are an ongoing concern for us.  We always worry about potential accidents that may lead to medical calls or fire calls.  Please keep the following thoughts in mind as you plan for the Fourth:
  • Remember that only a few categories of fireworks are legal in the State of Washington, unless you are actually on a recognized Indian Reservation.  Many fireworks are illegal and may lead to a citation if you are caught using or possessing them.  Perhaps more importantly, please keep in mind that you will be held liable for any damages related to the use of illegal fireworks.  From a fire department standpoint, we will actively pursue compensation for any fire suppression activities related to the negligent use of fireworks.  If a wildland fire results from firework use, the Washington Department of Natural Resources always pursues compensation.  Fire Suppression costs often run to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Please respect the rights and wishes of your neighbors.  Our island is home to a large community of elderly persons and people with chronic health issues who may be impacted by your fireworks related celebrations (this is particularly true of very loud explosions).
  • Don't forget that your fireworks related celebration may have severe effects on wildlife, pets, and livestock.  We are called every year to keep an eye out for pets who have run away after being traumatized by firework noise and effects.
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