Emergency Medical Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is it appropriate to  call 911?
    • Any time you feel there might be an immediate life threat, do not hesitate, call 911!
    • If you are in doubt, you may wish to call your doctor first.  If it is after hours or your physician is unavailable, please call 911.
    • If you need assistance for yourself or someone you are caring for, you should call 911, even if the current situation is not life threatening.  We often provide assistance without transport.
  2. Does an ALS Medic One unit from Anacortes always respond when I call 911?
    • Any 911 call for medical help always results in both EMTs from Guemes Fire and Paramedics from Anacortes Fire being dispatched.  If Guemes Fire responders determine that the Medic One unit is unnecessary, they can be turned around mid response. 
  3. Do I have to be transported by the Medic One unit?
    • Not necessarily.  If you wish to be transported by private vehicle, the paramedics will evaluate you.  They will explain the risks involved in refusing transport and ask you to sign a waiver indicating you understand these risks.
  4. What if I need an emergency ferry, but know I do not need to be transported in an ambulance?
    • During regular ferry hours, put your vehicle at the front of the line with your emergency flashers on.  Call 911 if you have any concerns about the safety of the patient.
    • After hours, you must call 911.  Both Guemes Fire and Anacortes Fire will respond.  We always make every effort to respect the wishes of our patients and will try to minimize the impact of our response.
  5. I feel badly about dragging you out on a medical call that may be unnecessary!
    • We are always happy to respond.
    • Hesitation and Denial are killers.
    • We would always rather respond to an unnecessary call, than to be called too late.

Guemes Connects

The mission of Guemes Connects is to foster a network of support for the Guemes Island Community. The group is committed to meeting the needs of anyone needing assistance regardless of age, illness, disability, race or religion.

The group’s goal is to provide on-island skilled, compassionate assistance for five areas: aid with meals, respite care, transportation, home maintenance, or computer problems.


  • Medical Information Forms - Guemes Connects is spearheading an effort to ensure accurate medical information is available to responders.  If you wish to participate, please download the Emergency Medical Information Form.  Please print 2 copies and fill out both forms.  That way you will have a record for yourself and one for the Emergency responders to your 911 call.  The next step is to put the RED STICKERS (available from Guemes Connects and Guemes Fire) near the entry door(s) to your home and on the fridge or kitchen cabinet where the forms will be kept.  Of course, if you change your medications or other information, please remember to update your form.
  • The Gathering , a weekly lunch program open to everyone. Meals are served every Thursday from 11:30 to 12:15 from October through May at the Guemes Community Church. A suggested donation of $4.00 is requested. From 11:15 am through noon, free blood pressure testing is available.